SLIB Order & Trade Suite


With the Order & Trade Suite, SLIB offers a wide range of solutions to support all your trading activities, whether for your own account, for institutional clients or for private individuals, covering both the buy-side as well as the sell-side of the business.

The SLIB Order & Trade Suite includes a set of products particularly suited to the requirements of the following lines of businesses:

  • Broker dealer
  • Investment Bank

Functional scope

The SLIB Order & Trade Suite facilitates the following business processes:

  • Orders management
  • Monitoring allocations of orders
  • Valuation
  • Adjustment/confirmation
  • Initiation of settlement instructions
  • Distribution to the back office


  • A single, multi-market, multi-currency and multi-instrument trade book
  • Real time information on changes in order status, from execution to allocation
  • Gains in reactivity and quality: monitoring structure designed for operations (real time dashboards and business alerts)
  • Fully documented audit-trail of transactions in compliance with deontological rules and your sales policy
  • User-friendly and intuitive user-interface with the client trade book and market trade book on the same interface
  • Scalable and open solutions than can be coupled with middle or back office systems of your choice


 The SLIB Order & Trade Suite consists of 3 components which you can pick and choose according to your individual needs:


SLIB Confirmation

SLIB Confirmation is part of the STP chain logic by proposing centralized management and ongoing processing of confirmations:

  • International adjustment: allows a connection to different matching platforms and according to several protocols and media (CTM, email, etc.…)
  • Adjustment in France: also automatic matching of SBI, with or without induced settlement instructions
  • Manages confirmations in block and detail mode
  • Offers tools for search/consultation and audit trails, adapted to each of the actions of the operators
  • Is based on a technology that allows functional browsing and adapted to the main external messaging services


SLIB OMS is the single, multi-market, multi-currency and multi-instrument trade book, especially designed for Broker dealers and Asset Managers who want to increase the security of their order management and automate order flows according to predefined routing rules.
Market executions are recorded in the market trade book and feed your back office systems. You are supplied with real time information on order status as they change, from execution to allocation. You can trace all of your operations in compliance with deontological rules and your sales policy and benefit from simple ergonomics with a client trade book and market trade book on the same interface.

SLIB Posting

SLIB Posting takes care of the entire set of posting processes and hence the administrative preparation of transactions for the back office, according to the following stages:
  • Acquisition and centralization of upstream flows: executions, allocations and intermediate operations for preparing allocations
  • Final valuation of the allocations: end of the day valuation of associated allocations (Accept/Reject, …)
  • Flexibility of computing legal and commercial expenses
  • Broadcasting validated allocations to the downstream application (production of detailed transactions reporting) and initiation of settlement instructions

Business monitoring: business alerts and dashboards

All SLIB Order & Trade Suite’s products are equipped with interactive business-focused devices:
  • Dashboards to analyse orders in the OMS and all middle office transactions, based on their progression status
  • Synthetic views of the exchanged flows including a volume metric
  • Update in real time (flows to be processed, processed, being recycled, being rejected)
  • Real time business alerts in push mode:
    • Alerts corresponding to a transaction waiting for further processing
    • Alerts corresponding to errors parameterized by user of groups of users

This shared tool for operations and management increases the processing efficiency and the quality of service delivered to clients. The alerts in push mode allow operations to be more reactive and focus on exceptions, their priority being to work on alerts and handle them.




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