Anova Performance - Performance Measurement & Attribution

Standardise your investment portfolio performance and attribution analysis worldwide with our highly flexible and scalable enterprise-wide performance measurement solution, Anova Performance. Its breadth and depth of analysis functions coupled with its ability to easily scale and integrate directly into its reporting capability makes it the natural choice for oversight on investment performance measurement.


The challenges faced by Investment Managers and Asset Servicers today

Since the global financial crisis, performance teams have been under more pressure than ever. Ad hoc report requests with very short deadlines from fund managers, to appease demanding investors, have become the norm. Calls for ever greater levels of transparency are to be expected in these volatile times.

The added burdens of regulation, competition and need for look-through are all increasing the pressure on performance teams within wealth managers, asset managers and asset servicers.

Meanwhile, the business users of performance data are becoming increasingly diverse. It is generally accepted that performance data is now also critical to marketing, client relationship and a host of other staff. The information needs to be presented in a variety of formats and visualisation has become key.

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The answer is Anova Performance

Anova Performance is designed to provide comprehensive performance measurement and attribution functionality to investment managers and asset servicers of all sizes. It offers a broad range of performance measurement, attribution, and ex-post risk methodologies, across all instrument types and asset classes.

This platform goes beyond the core returns calculations expected of a modern performance measurement system. It supports look-through calculations, along with the creation and calculation of standard and custom benchmarks. It also delivers composites and disclosures calculations and maintenance, as well as complying with the up-to-date regulatory standards that wealth managers, asset managers and asset servicers demand – all on a single platform.

The Anova platform supports a global operating model. This means that Anova Performance’s continuous processing capability facilitates simultaneous processing by multiple users, in multiple regions, on a single platform. Additionally, system downtime in regional switch-overs in ‘follow the sun’ operations is reduced to a few minutes rather than hours.

Anova Performance is designed to help deliver:

  • Comprehensive performance measurement and attribution functionality
  • Transparency and granularity
  • Effective decision-making
  • 24x7 continuous processing
  • Reduced operating costs
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