Muted interest in quantum computing threatens early adoption

By David Beach | 30 November 2018

A recent poll in a bobsguide webinar found that 47.7% of industry professionals do not consider quantum computing a priority with concerns around implementation and premature adoption.

But for panellist, Dr Nikitas Stamatopoulos, vice president of quantitative research analytics at JPMorgan, the results weren’t surprising.

“I’d hoped that ‘not a priority’ would be further down but this field is still in its early stage so a lot of industry professionals do not have a view of possible applications. Hopefully after today there’ll be a clearer view of where and how this technology can be helpful for business.”

Joining Stamatopoulos, Dr Stefan Woerner, global leader in quantum finance at IBM Research, believes there is major interest in a variety of industries.

“There is enormous interest from companies in different industries, be it manufacturing, transportation or finance. The IBM Q network which we launched a year ago, already has 30 members from startups to global players with the goal of collaborating with those players to build up research and identify applications,” said Woerner.

IBM Q allows participants worldwide to experiment and make use of IBM's quantum computing capabilities via the cloud. Along with Barclays, JPMorgan is one of the largest financial institutions to be engaged in early development.

Here, JPMorgan's Stamatpoulos and IBM's Woerner outline where it will be applied, how the technology will be developed and what the business case is for early adoption. Listen to the full webinar.

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