Ahead of the curve: fintech vendors embracing AI

By Edwin Boadu | 24 August 2018


With the help of AI-based algorithms, Queueco, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, supports online trading. Artificial intelligence produces trading recommendations and decision through the analysis of current trends, statistics and forecasts. The use of AI will provide a solution for those who wish to trade, but do not have enough expertise to make the right investment decisions.

Cerebellum Capital

Cerebellum Capital’s powerful system is one which consistently creates and re-creates newer and incrementally improved models that track how the markets move and simultaneously learn which strategies to adopt in order to maximise investment. Coupled with the former is the software’s ability to reduce risk and volatility across the portfolio.

Rebellion Research

The enterprise’s artificial intelligence-based global equity strategy uses algorithmic equations to monitor the change in markets and stock and consequently adapt to any shift or any possible new information. Such a strategy operates on the purchase of stocks of various scales and then uses a combination of value, growth and momentum investment styles.


The company's investment approach executes a combination of quantitative models and natural language processing (NLP), which is a form of AI that warrants computers the ability to decode and understand incomprehensible, incomplete and unstructured information through logical deductions and inferences.


Binatix is potentially the first trading firm to leverage machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous, non-anomalous and unseen patterns in order to better understand and analyse market prices and trade data.

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