Advantio targets growth in cyber resilience as it expands outside of Europe

Dublin - 22 March 2017

  • NTT Security Ltd. rebrands to Advantio to better reflect expanded proposition in cyber resilience services and PCI compliance technology
  • Advantio aims to double headcount within the next 12 months
  • Advantio currently ranked as the 2nd largest QSA in Europe according to Visa

NTT Security Ltd., the leading provider of cyber resilience services and PCI compliance technology, has today changed its name to Advantio to better reflect its expanded proposition and leadership role in cyber resilience services as the company expands beyond PCI compliance services and targets growth in and outside of Europe.

According to Visa’s latest Member Agent List, published March 2017, Advantio (under its previous name of NTT Security Ltd.) is currently ranked as the 2nd largest Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in Europe. The companies listed in this document provide services to Visa Europe Members and have successfully completed an up-to-date assessment based on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Being the 2nd largest out of over 300 QSAs is testament to Advantio’s significant growth in the industry as a leading provider of PCI compliance.

Advantio’s broadened value proposition now includes professional services, managed services and multilingual support in cyber resilience, in addition to its PCI compliance services and ZeroRisk Suite which allows companies to fully manage, monitor and identify breaches in their payment terminal fleet while facilitating their adherence to industry standards such as PCI DSS.

By leveraging its value proposition in cyber resilience, in addition to its ZeroRisk software, Advantio is aiming to double its headcount globally within the next 12 months as it expands its operations in Europe and extends its footprint outside of Europe and into the Middle East and Africa.

The name Advantio was chosen as a derivative of the words “advance” and “trust” – two values that sit at the core of Advantio’s business in keeping its customers’ data secure. The new brand’s motto “Contagious Trust,” emphasises the point that trust is contagious; those companies that put their trust in Advantio to keep their data safe will, in turn, be trusted by their customers.

“After seven exciting years of learning and evolution, I am very proud to introduce Advantio as the new brand for NTT Security as we enter a new and exciting phase of growth for our company,” comments Marco Borza, Advantio CEO. “For our customers, Advantio is their partner against crime, protecting their most precious assets from being compromised and ensuring 100% trust from their customers. We have big ambitions for the year ahead as we look to double our headcount and leverage our market-leading cyber resilience services and our advanced technology ZeroRisk Suite.”

Advantio can count major players among its client portfolio covering a wide range of industries from the banking, public sector, insurance, to gambling, travel, retail, telecom and energy sectors. Customers include Time Inc., Accor Hotels, UniCredit, Klarna and Barclaycard.

Advantio (formerly NTT Security Ltd.) is the leading provider of cyber resilience services and PCI compliance technology. Advantio's certified professionals are trained to deliver a complete solution and assist Payment Service Providers, Financial Institutions and Banks through their cyber resilience journey from the very first assessment and validation through to ongoing monitoring and maintenance of their security status.

Advantio is historically renowned for providing advanced compliance certifications for card payments, however the company’s value proposition has grown to support the entire cyber resilience footprint of its customers. Advantio’s security team’s certifications include PCI QSA, PA DSS, ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor, CISSP, CISA, CISM, OSSTMM, OPST and CSSLP.

The ZeroRisk Suite provides PCI DSS compliance in just one click. The ZeroRisk Suite consists of two main components; PINpoint and PCI Portal. PINpoint is a terminal management system (TMS) that ensures the integrity of physical card reading devices and terminals such as PEDs (PIN entry devices), POS (Point-of-Sale) devices, Standalone Dial-Out Terminals and ATMs. PCI Portal is a complete solution to achieve, monitor and maintain PCI DSS compliance, providing full visibility and control to the end user.


Advantio Founders Video from Advantio on Vimeo.

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