Editor's picks: The future of in-branch banking

By Alex Hammond | 25 August 2017

bobsguide's round-up of the biggest issues surrounding retail banking's remaing physical presence on the high street.

Four ways in-branch banking tech will uplift customer experience

Graham Lloyd - Industry Principal of Financial Services, Pegasystems

For reasons not always quite clear, UK customers continue to demand easy access to bank branches, protesting loudly when any closures are contemplated. But UK branches are not supported by the account and transaction fees which enable their US peers to prosper, leaving a big gap between expectation and economic reality. The consequent ask of how then to deliver the service levels demanded within current budgets is increasingly being put to technology.

Why the digital age might not kill off the bank branch

Mark Aldred - Head of UK sales, Auriga

Some may believe that it is inevitable the bank branch will become extinct within a matter of years. This really is far from the truth as there is still a strong need for banks to have and evolve their brick-and-mortar presence.

The bank branch is going to evolve into a new form far removed from the traditional model. The key will be how banks make branches part of their omnichannel strategy for improved customer service experience.

The latest research into digital banking's future: Four key takeaways

Alex Hammond - Managing Editor, bobsguide

Juniper Research published a white paper titled Futureproofing Digital Banking 2017, in which it highlights its research data focused on the current state of the retail and digital banking industries, and projects the future dependency of financial services on the growing digital banking market.

Here are the key takeaways from Juniper’s research.

How banks are getting the digitisation of core banking wrong

Alex Hammond - Managing Editor, bobsguide

Madhur Jain, Global Head, Pre-Sales at SunTec Business Solutions, is one of the fintech industry’s most insightful analysts on the subject of digitalization of banks and the shift to omnichannel retail banking solutions.

Madhur sat down with bobsguide last month to speak about the need for banks to look closely at whether their core banking processes are fit for purpose, why rip and replace IT solutions are destined to fail, and the need to look for partners rather than internal development in order to keep up with the pace of change the industry is currently experiencing.

Four key trends in Self Service Banking

Mark Aldred - Head of UK sales, Auriga

In May software providers, hardware suppliers and banks all came together to talk about the exciting transformations happening in our banking industry. While there was much discussed, a few key trends emerged.

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