What are your risk management system concerns?

By Alex Hammond | 24 August 2017

Increased regulatory burdens and unforeseen risk threats are rapidly evolving the risk management landscape. New considerations for CROs are cropping up with at a rate where reactive IT patches moved by vast sums of money are not a viable solution. Likewise, there are circumstances where an outsourced IT approach cannot account for wider implications to business operations, nor can it display the risk in its entirety. A balance must be met and a proactive method devised.

Many banks and corporates have looked to new risk management technology to solves these issues. Fintech has responded, and today there is a vast marketplace of solutions aiming to solve concerns including compliance, operational risk, liquidity risk, and liability risk.

But in a market toting so many software options, how do you fit the shoe to the foot? Does the same RMS that works for a large company also work for a smaller one? In any case, how do you set your priorities and risk criteria? How do you evaluate what your key functions should be?

These are some of the the preliminary questions before you even begin shopping around the market.

That’s why bobsguide is launching our annual RMS survey to explore these questions and provide some clarity on the matter. The results will be analysed and compiled and our findings published in the following weeks as the latest issue of our bob's guide to... series.

For that reason, it would be immensely helpful if you could spare five minutes to answer the survey.  

The bob's guide to... Risk Management Systems survey is open now.

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