immedia360 R3 Compliance & Record Retention Solution meets key regulatory compliance elements of ISO 14721 standards for OAIS

3 April 2017

immedia360 LLC, technology innovators for compliance and record retention, reconstruction and retrieval solutions, announces that its R³ solution meets key compliance elements of ISO 14721 standards for OAIS.

ISO 14721 is the standard for data and information transfer for Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) and has become the common target for record retention professionals. Highly regulated firms, such as those in the financial and pharmaceutical markets, are required to manage significant amounts of unstructured data of varying types, originating from a wide range of systems, and a new breed of over-arching record management systems are evolving to enable this. Those that adhere to ISO 14721 / OAIS are recognised as being compliant and robust and are well-regarded by the regulators.

OAIS defines the functionalities and data organization for global long-term archival systems. Originally developed as part of a broader effort to develop formal standards for the long-term storage of digital data generated from space missions, OAIS has since formed the foundation of numerous architectures, standards, and protocols, influencing system design, metadata requirements, certification, and other issues central to digital preservation.
By complying with ISO/OAIS, R³ is positioned to organize and manage wide ranges of record types in an institution, with centralized audited control over the ways in which the records and business events driving those records relate to each other.

The R³ platform is designed for:

  • Retention – Scalable storage supporting federated repositories. Supports “big data” technologies (like Hadoop and other NoSQL databases)
  • Retrieval – Finds “anything - anywhere” searching over its own repositories and federated storage
  • Reconstruction – Audits complex relationships between any number of records as they change over their business lifecycle

Going beyond OAIS record preservation and validation practices, R³ maintains a mechanism for documenting and tracking changes with respect to existing and future applicable regulations, for any number of regulatory regimes. Remediations in response to changes in regulations can be procedurally managed within the solution, assuring that regulatory compliance of the solution configuration is always up-to-date and documented with a full audit trail.

Jos Stoop, immedia360 LLC Principal explains: “By developing R³ along the lines of ISO 14721 / OAIS, we are able to quickly adapt to complex record management environments and interface with a variety of other systems. Supporting this standard provides users with assurance that R³ operates as a common framework that allows information to be shared and re-used across applications, the enterprise, and community boundaries. Organizations with a complex universe of records and data can jump- start their efforts and impose order by defining an enterprise wide ontology and applying it within R³, either wholesale or piece-by-piece over time.”

immedia360 provides innovative technology that dynamically links, organizes and tracks interrelated data records throughout their lifecycle, quickly connecting people to timely information, ideas and insight.

immedia360’s flagship product, R³, enables a 360 degree view onto enterprise-wide data by connecting people to dynamically-linked information using semantic ontologies, enabling record retention, reconstruction and retrieval.

R³is designed to be used by highly regulated firms that are required to retain significant amounts of related data held in disparate systems over a long period of time – such as those in the financial and pharmaceutical markets.

immedia360 operates from its offices in Toronto, New York, Florida and Boston.

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