DataGenic and Bloomberg’s Mutual Subscribers Can Now Use Either System for Contribution, Management and Analysis of Commodities Data

London - 15 November 2016

DataGenic announced today that clients who use the Bloomberg Professional service will now have the ability to work with data contributed to either system, streamlining the contribution, normalization and analysis of commodities data.

Mutual subscribers will now be able to freely publish and retrieve data between the DataGenic system and Bloomberg. DataGenic subscribers could already seamlessly bring Bloomberg data into the DataGenic system via the Data License service. Similarly, DataGenic users are now able to publish data (e.g., forward curves) from the DataGenic system for internal use in the Bloomberg Professional service. This offering encompasses universal accessibility to forward curve management capabilities, integration with downstream applications and C/ETRMs via the DataGenic suite, as well as sophisticated analytics -all in a centralised environment with the convenience of combining the full breadth of Bloomberg data sources.

For companies in cost pressured environments, the fusion of data, news and cutting edge analytics from DataGenic and Bloomberg will help mitigate the ordinarily required double maintenance overhead synonymous with two different systems, whilst providing the combined functionality. This service allows the easy flow of information between the two systems so that data management and analytics can run in parallel.

"Through this service, Bloomberg and DataGenic's mutual subscribers can now maintain a single set of curves, seamlessly capturing front end traders' workflow and integrating with back end ETRMs," said Carl Daucher, Global Head of Commodities at Bloomberg. "All the inter-system mappings will be handled in the background reducing overhead for our clients."

“In this low margin and volatile marketplace, clients are sensitive to the cost versus value ratio” said Richard Quigley, DataGenic CEO. “This initiative provides a plug-and-play bi-directional interface, removing data silos and offering the latest data and price curves generated by the client within the DataGenic system, direct into Bloomberg Professional with immediate visibility for traders and analysts in multiple geographies.”

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