Software AG Named A Leader by Gartner in Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools for 9th Consecutive Year

12 May 2016

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) announced today that Gartner, Inc., a leading industry analyst firm, named Software AG a ‘Leader’ in its 2016 ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools’, published on May 3, 2016*. This is the ninth consecutive time that Gartner has assessed the company’s Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) product and named it a Leader in the Magic Quadrant report.

New Cloud Capabilities Added to Alfabet EAM

The company also announced the availability of its latest release of Alfabet (version 9.10) and ARIS (version 9.8SR4), which include powerful new functionality that integrates ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Alfabet EAM more seamlessly for the design, planning and management of digital transformation. Here are some release highlights:

Cloud Discovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for capturing a company’s cloud footprint in Alfabet to enable creation of cloud-ready solutions while controlling costs and risks associated with digital strategy execution;
Further extension of customer journey mapping by adding automated analysis to journey and touchpoint maps in ARIS
Design-to-Planning Information Syndication between ARIS BPA and Alfabet EAM. This new capability enables the mapping of ARIS information onto data structures in Alfabet for high-level, business architecture design within ARIS, while ensuring subsequent operationalization and use in on-going planning and management processes in Alfabet;
Table-based modelling maintenance to further lower the barriers of contributions for e.g. adoption of ARIS in enterprise management systems;
Alfabet Cloud Enterprise Web-based Configuration provides three new cloud-based capabilities:

Workflow Configuration which allows users to create and administer automated workflow processes;
Alfabet Data Integration Framework (ADIF), which is a configurable, mass update facility for high performance import, export and manipulation of large data volumes.
Alfabet Publication Facility (APF), which provides a framework for creating publications using user-defined templates for the format and desired content of a publication.

Alfabet and ARIS Add Collaboration Capabilities to the Digital Business Platform

Alfabet EAM is an integral part of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform and combines core capabilities of the company’s Alfabet and ARIS product lines to provide a collaborative platform used by business and IT leaders for aligning the IT landscape with the business to guide competitive transformation.

According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant report: “Leaders provide mature offerings that meet market demand, and they demonstrate the vision necessary to sustain their market positions as requirements evolve. Leaders focus on and invest in their offerings to such a degree that they lead the market and can affect its overall direction as their offerings evolve.”

Alfabet – A Visionary Enterprise Architecture Product

Dr. Wolfram Jost, CTO and member of the Board, Software AG, says: “I believe that Alfabet EAM’s continuous leadership demonstrates Software AG’s commitment to providing a strong response to the digital business imperatives in the market and our customers’ needs for innovative solutions. Software AG’s co-innovation program with its customers ensures us access to the most forward-thinking companies across the globe to help shape our vision and product direction. Alfabet EAM clearly takes the lead in its ability to support the planning, execution and governance of business and IT transformation in the digital age.”

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