Business Gets Simpler and Smarter with SAP Ariba

15 March 2016

Simple is good. Smart is better. Both is the Holy Grail. And SAP Ariba is helping companies achieve it. The company today unveiled the latest innovations to its market-leading solutions that will enable businesses to fuel efficient, intelligent connections and frictionless transactions across the entire source-to-pay process. The new features and innovations are among the hundreds that SAP Ariba delivers each year and were unveiled before thousands of executives and professionals at SAP Ariba Live, the premier business commerce event taking place in Las Vegas this week.

“Plenty of solutions can put a pretty face on business and make it easier to do. But this isn’t enough to succeed and win in today’s hyper-competitive digital economy,” said Alex Atzberger, President, SAP Ariba. “The modern enterprise demands technology that is both consumer simple and business strong. That not only simplifies processes, but fuels new and innovative ways of operating that remove the friction from commerce and drive business transformation. This is exactly what the innovations SAP Ariba is announcing today are designed to do.”


Just like the consumer technologies we use to shop, share and consume, we expect business software to be intelligent and deliver experiences that are personal and relevant. To know things about us and anticipate our needs within the context of our actions and to execute them in line with our preferences and company policies.

Through a new guided buying experience, SAP Ariba will be able to lead frontline users to the goods and services they need to do their jobs and purchase them as quickly and easily as they might buy a pair of shoes or find a plumber – but in compliance with their company policies and recommended process.


Business has gone digital. And there is no turning back. Companies today must be equipped to discover, connect and collaborate electronically on everything from sourcing and orders to invoices and payments. And they need to be able to do these things in a frictionless and easy way. With the latest innovations from SAP Ariba, they can.

Take light enablement, an interactive email collaboration option to be delivered on the Ariba Network that will eliminate the complexity of onboarding and connecting suppliers who transact on a limited basis. With a few clicks, long tail suppliers - who are often small and lack technology infrastructure - will be able to receive purchase orders, send order confirmations and invoices to their buyers without any portals to manage or business process changes. With light enablement, adoption of digital processes will be easy and collaborations simple.


Source-to-pay is a dynamic, global activity. The solutions used to execute it must be as well so that companies can quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions and customer needs. Recognizing this, SAP Ariba is launching an open partner ecosystem to empower its partners to enhance SAP Ariba cloud solutions using standard based APIs. Partners on the open ecosystem will be able to quickly deliver innovative services to customers around the world using the cloud platform of their choice or the SAP Ariba platform.

Thomson Reuters, for instance, is building an innovative extension to deliver tax as a service that will enable companies to automatically calculate taxes in the countries they buy from and generate invoices that are compliant with local regulations.

"Our customers continue to ask for global options to their tax challenges. They need to not only be compliant with local tax laws, but also able to estimate, budget and analyze their incoming invoices in an automated, scalable fashion,” said Chris Carlstead, Managing Director, Indirect & Property Tax, Thomson Reuters. “With SAP Ariba's Open Ecosystem, the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination engine has an innovative platform from which we can deliver an integrated global tax service to the SAP Ariba community."


Business is a completely different game than it was even two years ago and demands a totally new approach. Through its ongoing commitment to innovation, SAP Ariba is fueling it.

“Our solutions are uniquely designed to help companies adopt digital strategies and redefine what source to pay means,” Atzberger said. “We will continue to develop and deliver innovations that enable buying and selling organizations of all sizes to transform their operations and optimize the results that they achieve.”

More than two million companies use SAP Ariba’s business network and comprehensive source-to-pay solutions to connect and collaborate around nearly a trillion in commerce every year.

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