eToro shakes up global fund management with the launch of Popular Investor Dashboard

14 July 2016

eToro, the world’s leading social trading network, today launches the powerful Popular Investor Dashboard, a move which will transform the user experience of the most successful investors on the site. The new portal provides a unique suite of tools that enables Popular Investors to have an unprecedented view of their copiers and total assets under management so they can start managing their Popular Investor status like a business.

eToro has created the world’s first peer-to-peer investment marketplace by facilitating a direct copy trade relationship between its 5 million strong members. With close to 1,000 Popular Investors on the network, eToro is empowering a new generation of money managers with the launch of the new dashboard. From the interface, Popular Investors will now have access to a customer relationship management system to enable greater interactions between the PI and the copy trader, access informative analytics to gain actionable insights, and view a finances dashboard showing the latest invoices and payments received from eToro.

Commenting on the launch of the Popular Investor Dashboard, CEO and founder of eToro, Yoni Assia, said: “The global fund management industry is worth a staggering $117tn, and yet it is inaccessible for a huge amount of the population. We are handing power from this elite circle of people in suits at the big banks back to ordinary people with extraordinary financial nous. We have always rewarded our most successful traders with monthly commission through the Popular Investor Programme, and the Popular Investor Dashboard opens up a whole new range of possibilities for them.”

The Popular Investor Dashboard is divided into six separate parts covering:

●     An overview section giving a top-down view of performance, including the number of copiers and assets under management alongside respective change over the previous 30 days

●     A chart tracking copiers and assets under management over time – so that Popular Investors are able to analyse peaks and troughs in the amount of money they are managing

●     A customer relationship management (CRM) section which allows Popular Investors to see more information about their copiers and those who have stopped copying them

●     A page views section to see who has viewed a Popular Investor’s profile so they can see the impact and impressions they are creating with the community

●     A section giving an overview of payments from eToro as part of the Popular Investors Programme

●     Additional statistics including average copy amount and duration, copier profitability and net cash flow over a 30-day period

eToro Traders with the most copiers and assets under management can become a part of the network’s Popular Investor Programme and earn commission from eToro as they earn money for themselves and their copiers. 

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