NetJapan Releases ActiveImage Protector™ 2016, Its Most Advanced Disk Imaging Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

15 January 2016

NetJapan has launched ActiveImage Protector 2016, a significant update to its flagship product, featuring a completely redesigned user interface, centralised image management, a new boot repair utility and Windows 10 support.

ActiveImage Protector 2016 features a new user interface that maintains continuity between both Windows and Linux products giving a unified cross-platform user experience. The improved task feedback and remote capabilities give administrators a detailed graphical view of task execution.

ActiveImage Protector 2016 includes NetJapan’s ImageCenter™ LE for configuring replication and consolidation tasks to on-site or off-site storage locations; offloading resource demands to dedicated management systems. ImageBoot™ is also included for booting ActiveImage Protector backup images as virtual machines in minutes; providing an interim availability solution to bridge the gap between disaster and recovery.

"Beyond just looks, it is apparent that NetJapan’s development team worked really hard to deliver something truly new!” -- Bernhard Peter of Germany's Motum5 Systemhaus.

ActiveImage Protector 2016 delivers higher performance and functionality

A selection of key features are listed below:


  • Multi-Scheduling - Create multiple schedules in a single backup task.
  • Scheduled incremental backup tasks can be suspended and resumed while maintaining uninterrupted incremental change tracking; resulting in improved backup performance.
  • Use ImageCenter™ LE to schedule replication and consolidation of backup image files, both onsite and offsite.


  • New Boot Repair Utility to ensure a system will successfully boot after recovery.
  • Restore multiple source images to multiple target disks in a single operation.
  • ActiveImage Protector Boot Environment: Create Linux or Windows PE-based recovery boot ISO files on optical and USB media or create a directly bootable Windows PE- based environment.
  • Bootable bare metal GPT/EFI system recovery.
  • Use ImageBoot™ to boot your ActiveImage Protector backup image as a virtual machine in as little as two minutes in VMware WorkStation, Player/Player Pro and Microsoft Hyper-V.


  • New Remote Console connects and controls agent installations of ActiveImage Protector 2016 on remote Linux and Windows machines.
  • New UI dashboard window that details Task, Log, Schedule and Disk information management.
  • Revised configuration wizard for automated backup and recovery.
  • Software update notifications can be configured for automatic or manual notification and download.
  • Advanced virtualisation: Specify target folders for VMDK files on an ESXi datastore.
  • Create a standby virtual machine directly from backup image files with the optional vStandby™ AIP instant disaster recovery solution.

Reliable, affordable Business Continuity

Compared to competitors' products ActiveImage Protector 2016 offers very attractive pricing and licensing. For example, users pay £424 for the backup & recovery solution's Windows Server Edition, while the Desktop Edition is available for under £36. Virtual environments are protected from £288 for a single virtual machine to £1'151 for host plus an unlimited number of guests. All prices are end user prices exclusive of VAT. Please contact NetJapan for detailed price lists and licensing options.

ActiveImage Protector 2016

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