GTNews is back

11 September 2015

GT News is back. We’ve missed you, our loyal readers, and we’re rather counting on that feeling being mutual.

As many of you know, the Association for Financial Professionals, which acquired GT News in 2007, announced earlier this year that the website would merge with its own site from the start of July. Consequently, more than two months have passed since GT News last posted any new articles or blogs.

This changes from today. We’re back in business, under new ownership and fully resourced. GT News is also incorporating the best elements of Treasury Insider, which has already attracted a wide audience of professionals since its launch last year. You will notice this immediately in the redesigned GT News site, which has been given a comprehensive makeover.

At the same time, the best elements of the old GT News have been retained. Most of all, we will continue to provide the comprehensive global coverage of all things topical to the treasury and finance profession as we have done since launching nearly 20 years ago.

Having been relocated to Washington DC two years ago by our former parent, GT News is once more based in London. The return to the UK not only reunites with its former stablemate, bobsguide, but also with many members of the team who were previously involved in the management of both titles including Anne-Marie Rice (CEO). In addition, our new ownership means that GT News is now part of Contentive Media, a publishing group that produces other prestigious titles for finance professionals, such as Accountancy Age and Financial Director.

As part of a relaunch, we’ve revived our editorial agenda for the remaining months of this year and are currently hard at work at selecting the topics for GT News’s coverage in 2016. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions on the issues you’d like us to cover – and we also invite you to contribute articles or blogs on anything not on the current agenda. Items may be submitted to me at the email address below, to my colleague Madhvi Mavadiya at or to .

Welcome to the new-look GT News. It’s good to be back.

Best wishes,

Graham Buck,
Editor, GT News



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