Sibos charity drive raises €40,000 in support of Beyond Social Services in Singapore

Brussels - 19 October 2015

‘Gasing’ game held at the SWIFT stand during Sibos 2015 generates significant support for local charity

Sibos donates €40,000 to Beyond Social Services following an event wide charity drive during SWIFT’s annual financial services conference.

Beyond Social Services is a local Singapore based non-profit organisation that helps families and individuals from disadvantaged low-income backgrounds curb delinquency, escape the cycle of poverty, and become responsible citizens.  In the Singapore kampongs (‘villages’ in Malay), adults and children alike play a game called Gasing. It involves spinning tops in a short match of skill and luck. Each season after the rice harvest, several villages come together to challenge each other.

To support Beyond Social Services, the SWIFT stand hosted a digital version of the Gasing game where Sibos delegates pitched their skills against each other on screen. SWIFT donated 15 EUR per game.

“Beyond Social Services does not define citizenship by one’s passport, but rather by one’s willingness and commitment to be part of a ‘village’ that looks out for its most vulnerable members,” says Gerard Ee Huck Lian, Executive Director, Beyond Social Services.  “We truly appreciate the support we have received from the Sibos community and thank SWIFT for the generous contribution.  These funds will go a long way to help many disadvantaged families across Singapore.”

"SWIFT has a long history of supporting local charities in each of our Sibos locations" said Sven Bossu, Head of Sibos, SWIFT. "We are thrilled that Sibos delegates got behind our Gasing initiative generating the much needed funds for Beyond Social Services.”

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