Visual Risk & Zanders partner to deliver risk solutions in UK / Europe

25 November 2015

Visual Risk is pleased to announce a new partnership with Zanders, the leading independent Treasury advisor for Corporates in Europe. The partnership provides Zanders clients with the opportunity to supplement their FX, interest rate and commodity risk management advisory projects with analytic input from an intuitive and visual Cashflow-at-Risk system.

Our risk management projects commonly cover the identification and measurement of exposures and the design of robust and sustainable risk management policy and processes. Increasingly, our clients are interested in advanced risk modelling techniques such as Cashflow-at-Risk. Visual Risk helps them see their market risk positions modelled in a specialist analytic tool which applies dynamic Monte Carlo simulations to stress-test market conditions and model their hedging strategies.
Judith van Paassen: Partner, Zanders.

Macro global market conditions are increasingly volatile and this will likely be exacerbated when interest rates start rising to more ‘normal’ levels.  Inevitably, market risk management is developing as a major focus for corporate treasuries in Europe and, as such, we are delighted to forge a closer collaboration with Zanders who are recognized as a thought leader in treasury risk.
Richard Hughes: Managing Director, Visual Risk.

Visual Risk delivers a powerful risk analytics system with the ability to process, analyse and display complex data in a unique graphical manner. This assists treasurers to better visualize, understand and report complex information to senior management. The system can simulate changing market conditions and quantify risk sensitivities across combinations of multiple currencies, commodities and interest rates.

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