Laser App Software Announces Inaugural Advisor Con 2015

Ontario, California - 4 May 2015

Laser App Software, the premier provider of forms automation and management software for the securities and insurance industries, announced today that registration for the inaugural Laser App Advisor Con 2015 is open. The conference will be focused on demonstrating technology adoption for the broker-dealer community. It will be held October 7-8 at The Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Advisor Con is specifically designed to bring technology adoption to the people who need it the most. The focus of this new conference will be to get advisors to use the technology that’s been demonstrated to help their business. Attendees will also enjoy valuable networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, presentations by industry leaders and more.

The conference will complement the Laser App 2015 Financial Services Conference, which will be held August 18-21 at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina.

“At Advisor Con, we are going to show advisors how technology adoption actually works,” said Robert Powell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Laser App Software. “It’s one thing to stand up there and talk about technology adoption; it’s another thing to show proven adoption. We’re going to take the tactics we talk about in the San Diego conference and employ them in Las Vegas.”

“Technology adoption has become a growing issue among broker dealers and the Laser App is proud to provide two events that allow broker-dealers to learn from their peers,” Powell added. “This is really a two part mini-series. In part one, we help teach broker dealers and custodians how to get their users to adopt their tech & maximize their purchase.  Step two is a forum where users can actually adopt the technology and use it more effectively.”    

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