SolarWinds Enhances its Web Help Desk and DameWare Remote Support Tools to Help Improve Business Process Efficiency and Streamline Remote IT

20 May 2015

SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT performance management software, today announced updates to its SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® and DameWare® Remote Support products to better facilitate business processes and streamline remote troubleshooting and management. Specifically, new to SolarWinds Web Help Desk is the ability to create automated parent-child relationships between help desk tickets, enabling easy-to-use, ticket-based project management; while DameWare Remote Support now features Microsoft® Active Directory® integration.

With the ability to link SolarWinds Web Help Desk tickets together in parent-child relationships, IT pros can now easily track multiple related tasks for automated business processes. For example, events such as a new hire, where multiple departments—HR, facilities, IT, finance, etc.—must be involved, the creation of a single parent ticket can trigger automated child tickets assigned to different owners, each with their own status, but containing pertinent information from and linked to the parent ticket. This new feature of SolarWinds Web Help Desk works equally well for ad-hoc projects where multiple owners are involved, such as the moving of server.

DameWare Remote Support’s new Active Directory integration enables single sign-on support to improve technician efficiency and help ensure company password policies are enforced. It also allows administrators to schedule automated synchronisation of DameWare Remote Support users with Active Directory lists, easing management burdens.

“Technical support teams are under intense pressure to perform well and prove their value, in fact almost 90 per cent of IT pros in a support role who responded to a recent survey on the topic said they feel this scrutiny,” said Nikki Jennings, group vice president, systems management, SolarWinds. “The updates to SolarWinds Web Help Desk and DameWare Remote Support we’re announcing today don’t just enable better organised help desk management and facilitate more effective remote support, they help IT pros take a leadership role in improving organisation-wide efficiency and project management, thereby proving themselves as a key driver of business success.”

SolaWinds Web Help Desk features automated help desk ticketing for streamlined IT service management from request to resolution with rule-based routing and escalation, real-time tracking and SLA alerts, simplified IT asset management, tracking and reporting. 

DameWare Remote Support provides remote access to Windows®, Linux® and Mac® OS X® desktops, laptops and servers for remote troubleshooting and management of servers and workstations. Administrators can reboot systems; start and stop services and processes; copy or delete files; view and clear event logs; manage multiple Active Directory domains, users and groups; remotely reset passwords; and gain access to Windows computers from iOS® and Android™ mobile devices. 

SolarWinds Web Help Desk and DameWare Remote Support integrate to allow IT Pros to remotely access and control end-users’ devices and immediately address their IT problems, all while recording ticket details including chat transcripts, asset status and other data to reduce downtime and optimise long-term business performance. 

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