Accenture sees shift in "We Economy" and names the “Internet of Me” as one of its five big tech trends in 2015

By Nicole Miskelly | 2 February 2015

Management consulting company Accenture has revealed its five big tech trends for 2015 and predicts a huge shift in what it calls the “We Economy” which is re-shaping markets and changing the way we live and work.

According to the Accenture Technology Vison 2015 report, which is based on a survey of 2,000 IT and business executives, every business is now a digital business and companies are using technology such as mobile, social, analytics, and cloud to transform themselves.

The report names the Internet of Things (IoT), the ability to make all everyday objects smart and connected, a driving force for new innovation. Last year, Accenture encouraged industries to start using technology as a means for growth, as well as a way of improving their internal processes.

This year, the company says pioneering enterprises are making the shift from “me to we” and corporate leaders are viewing the digital connection to their businesses, employees and customers as an opportunity to connect to the global network of businesses, individuals and industries around the world.

Accenture said: “Visionary companies are recognising that as every business becomes a digital business, together they can effect change on a much bigger stage. By tapping into digital ecosystems, these companies have the ability to realise ambitions that transcend any single business or any one industry.”

According to Accenture, many companies are already using IoT to shape the way people live in the connected world. Home Depot is selling products that have to be compatible with their own Wink connected home system, which makes installation of all products in its ecosystem much easier. Companies are also partnering with other companies to improve services and products. For example, Phillips is teaming up with Salesforce to create a platform which improves the way healthcare is delivered.  

Start-ups are also helping to shape the future of IoT with companies such as Chul, which uses facial recognition instead of keys, passwords or codes to improve home and business security systems, and Neura, a Californian-based start-up, which connects individual devices, frequently-visited places and people close to you to better your life through automation.

According to Accenture, businesses are now operating as ecosystems, rather than individual corporate entities and are making alliances to help them build smart cities of the future and improve the quality of healthcare etc. 60 percent of respondents surveyed said that they plan to build alliances with new partners in their industries, 40 per cent said they plan to find new digital partners outside of their industry and 48 per cent said they plan to engage with leading digital technology platforms.

The top five emerging tech trends highlighted by Accenture:

1. Internet of Me – Businesses are tapping into that fact that our world is becoming more personalised and are building new applications, products and services that create an new level of digital experiences in our lives.

2. Outcome economy – Intelligent hardware is bridging the gap between digital enterprise and the physical world.

3. The Platform (R)evolution – Platform-based companies are fueling the next movement of ground-breaking innovation and disruptive growth.

4. Intelligence enterprise – The influx of big data and software intelligence will make it easier to machines to make better informed decisions.

5. Workforce reimagined – Advances in natural interfaces, wearable devices and smart machines will present new chances for companies to empower their employees through technology.


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