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16 February 2015

The focus on risk management for banks and corporates alike has been critical since the financial crisis highlighted certain shortcomings and increased the regulatory focus.

For organisations looking at purchasing new risk solutions in order to address the increasing pressures in this area, the bobsguide Risk Management Systems Guide features a comprehensive matrix allowing buyers to compare and contrast the different functionalities of solutions on the market today.

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Complementing the Risk Systems Matrix, we have a selection of features that explore a variety of the key risks that both banks and corporates face in the current economic environment, such as compliance risk, credit risk, threats to bank systems and organisational risk management.  

In addition to editorial features, the bobsguide Risk Management Systems Guide includes a comprehensive functionality matrix of Risk Management offerings in the market, to help you compare the options that are available. For more details on each listed vendor, simply click on the company name to visit each company profile on www.bobsguide.com

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We hope you enjoy the Guide.

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