The Future Of Fintech, According to the Founder of Money20/20

7 December 2015

The Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, earlier this year, provided an overview of the key trends and challenges facing the financial services ecosystem. 

Interviewees in The Bancorp’s Finetics™ Studio at Money20/20 were asked about the next big thing in fintech, the reality of adoption and what is so compelling about this industry. In an interview with PaymentEye, founder of Money20/20, Anil Aggarwal, shares his insights on the key trends shaping the industry, provides advice for entrepreneurs looking to carve out their niche in the space and explains why we are going through a period of “truly fundamental” change.

“Someone said to me recently ‘tech is hot and fintech is the hottest thing in tech’,” says Aggarwal. “Ten years ago I’m not sure I would have predicted hearing that. I’m excited because there is so much incredible innovation happening. It runs so deep and it’s something people have embraced so widely that it’s an incredibly exciting place to be.”

To hear what the future of finance looks like from Heartland Payment Systems chairman, CEO and founder Robert Carr, Hidden Brain CEO and  founder Marilyn Bochicchio and Experian Plc. mobile payments and commerce lead Cherian Abraham, check out the Finetics blog for more insights from the studio.


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