Key figures SIX Swiss Exchange and SIX Structured Products Exchange: October 2014

Zurich - 3 November 2014

  • Strongest month since August 2011: trading turnover of CHF 122.9 billion (+28.3% month-onmonth) and 4,339,182 trades (+39.6%)
  • Trading turnover in the first ten months of 2014: CHF 959.9 billion (+13.4% versus the same period a year earlier)
  • Average trading turnover per day in the first ten months of 2014: CHF 4.6 billion 

Turnover across all securities on SIX Swiss Exchange and SIX Structured Products Exchange has climbed by 13.4% to a total of CHF 959.9 billion in 2014 to date. Turnover has therefore averaged CHF 4.6 billion per day. The equities including funds + ETPs segment has been the main contributor to this substantial increase (+17.7%). Meanwhile, turnover in CHF bonds has fallen by 0.3% to CHF 138.8 billion, while it has decreased by 11.5% to CHF 22.9 billion in structured products and warrants. 

A total of 32,538,392 trades have been conducted since the beginning of the year. This represents an increase of 11.7% compared with the corresponding period last year. There have been 30,662,084 trades (+12.8%) in the equities including funds + ETPs segment, with 425,314 (+0.3%) transactions in the CHF bonds segment.

A total of 4,339,182 trades were conducted in October 2014, generating turnover of CHF 122.9 billion. The latter two totals are the highest figures since August 2011. Trading turnover was up by 28.3% month-onmonth, while the number of transactions increased by 39.6%.

With 4,119,561 trades, the equities including funds + ETPs segment outstripped the previous month's total by 40.7%, with turnover up by 33.2% to CHF 94.7 billion. The performance of the ETF segment was also positive. Trading turnover climbed by 57.1% to CHF 8.9 billion, while the number of transactions rose by 22.1% to 88,122. Turnover in structured products and warrants increased by 22.0% to CHF 2.4 billion. In addition, there were 42.4% more trades, at 87,416. However, the number of CHF bond trades was down by 5.9% to 42,186, with turnover down by 4.8% to CHF 15.3 billion.

October saw 32 new CHF bonds (-31.9%) and 4,686 new structured products and warrants (+64.6%) being admitted to trading. In all, this means that 305 new CHF bonds (+9.7%) and 33,724 new structured products and warrants (-13.6%) have been listed since the start of the year.

The performance of the most important equity indices was as follows in October 2014: the blue chip SMI® index stood at 8,837.8 points at the end of October (+0.0% month-on-month, +7.7% versus end-2013). The SLI Swiss Leader Index® stood at 1,309.8 points (+0.2%/+4.2%) and the broader-based SPI® at 8,691.8 points (-0.0%/+10.9%). The SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return index was up versus September (+0.4%/+5.0% compared with end-2013) at 129.9 points.

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