GPC migrates to TranzAxis to enable alternative payments

10 November 2014

Compass Plus, an international provider of innovative retail banking and electronic payments software to processors and financial institutions, announced the migration of Global Processing Centre (GPC) in Antigua, the third largest processor in the Caribbean region, to its open development payments platform, TranzAxis, in just three months. The project was implemented in conjunction with Worldwide Financial Systems Solutions (WFSS), Compass Plus’ distributor in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The processor chose to migrate to TranzAxis in view of the flexibility and control the platform’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will bring to their efforts to enable alternative payments in the region. TranzAxis has provided GPC the ability to offer more customer-centric support; whether for simple tasks or more complex, country specific projects.

The strategic vision of the GPC management team is to fulfil the more traditional payment processing needs, whilst enabling financial institutions, vendors, and end-users to participate in emerging alternative payments; including mobile and NFC payments, e-wallets and e-government solutions. The development toolbox that is provided with TranzAxis has enabled the processor to provide these solutions, bringing new products and services to the region. An example is the launch of SugaPay, an alternative payment system powered by GPC, which links a payment card to a mobile phone to offer cashless payment options for cardholders and merchants.

“From the moment I saw TranzAxis, I was sure that this was the solution we needed. In our region, systems are disjointed and the use of legacy architecture is prevalent, which can make integration with banks and third party systems more difficult. The Service Oriented Architecture of TranzAxis is invaluable as it gives us the flexibility we need to reassure our customers and third parties that integration will not be a problem, and I have yet to be proven wrong,” commented Justin Stuart-Young, COO at GPC. “Compass Plus specialists supported the GPC team throughout the project, ensuring that our specific aims were met, and continue to do so. In fact, I have been unable to find a situation where Compass Plus could not respond to a request with the exact solution I required.”

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