ITSS T24 Anti Fraud - Risk Management Solution for Banks is Live Again!

Geneva - 19 May 2014

ITSS is proud to announce that alBaraka Bank Tunisia is now live with ITSS' anti-fraud and log monitoring solution called iMLOG. The solution gives any bank the possibility of having full control on the Operational Risks. Any malpractices in the core banking system by transactions as well as any changes in the data outside the application can be captured. iMLOG gives non-stop auditing and the ability to keep data/logs as long as necessary for investigation purposes. Any activity coming from the business and the IT side is under control. All the transactions are analyzed and unusual behaviors can be tracked and take necessary action in real-time.

After a thorough analysis of all the solutions available in the world market, alBaraka Bank Tunisia found iMLog to be the most comprehensive proactive security control system. The bank's Senior Vice President said "we are no longer worried about fraud and making sure the bank's compliance is always observed, thanks to iMLog".

iMLog works as a whole infrastructure, capable of monitoring and analyzing data in real-time, for any system (T24, Flexcube, Active Directory, AIX, Oracle, IP addresses, Switches, Routers, etc...) enabling continuous audit trails.

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