Single Sign-On Improves User Experience and Security in GoAnywhere Services 3.5 Release

Omaha, NE - 15 May 2014

Additional features include enhanced language support and a new set of Virtual Folder commands 

Linoma Software is proud to announce the addition of SSO (Single Sign-On) support in its secure FTP server software, GoAnywhere Services(TM), with the release of version 3.5. The new feature is specifically designed to simplify the user experience without sacrificing security. Additional enhancements include two new languages, custom disclaimers for all languages and new Virtual Folder commands.

Single Sign-On

GoAnywhere Services now offers improved security and simplicity with Single Sign-On support for the HTTPS Web Client.

Workers use a growing number of usernames and passwords each day to access their company's network portal, webmail, benefits system, cloud-based applications, and much more. This can lead to "weak" passwords or the overuse of a single password, which, if stolen, can create vulnerability across multiple accounts.

Implementing SSO provides time and cost savings for a company. The addition of SAML v2.0 support, using the OpenSAML API, allows GoAnywhere Services to improve productivity, increase adoption, centralize user access control and add a uniform security layer. SSO support now allows integration of GoAnywhere Services with both internal applications and compatible external applications, such as

SAML (Security Assertion Mark-Up Language) is an XML-based open standard for authorization and authentication between an Identity Provider and a Service Provider.

"We felt this feature was the next logical evolution from the LDAP integration offered in version 3.4 of GoAnywhere Services," said Steve Luebbe, Lead Software Engineer for GoAnywhere.

Expanded Language Support

Version 3.5 adds support for two new languages: Portuguese and Bahasa. This enhancement is in direct response to feedback from our customers who do business globally. Linoma Software continues to evaluate requests for additional languages as part of our commitment to building a product that serves an international marketplace.

This release also improves language support by accommodating custom disclaimers for each language.

Virtual Folder Commands

GACMD (GoAnywhere Command) received an update that improves the ability to create, update, and delete virtual files and folders across a range of web user and group profiles in GoAnywhere Services. GACMD provides a way to programmatically send commands to GoAnywhere Services and our file automation solution: GoAnywhere Director.

A result of user feedback, this enhancement further improves the efficiency of GoAnywhere Services.

The GoAnywhere solution is comprised of three products:

  • GoAnywhere Director(TM), a Managed and Automated File Transfer solution with full audit trails
  • GoAnywhere Services(TM), a Secure FTP Server with optional Web Client for browser-based transfers
  • GoAnywhere Gateway(TM), a Reverse Proxy DMZ gateway 

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