Creditron Announces Electronic Check and Check Skirt Separation for Remittance and Lockbox Processing Operations

Oakville, ON - 27 February 2014

Creditron’s ItemAge Express and hosted Enterprise Cloud Processing solutions can now electronically separate checks from attached check skirts 

Creditron, a leading provider of payment processing and receivables management solutions, today announced that it is offering electronic check and check skirt separation for its ItemAge Express and hosted Enterprise Cloud Processing solutions.  Creditron is one of only a few remittance processing solutions providers to offer this capability.

The software option electronically separates checks from attached check skirts, eliminating the need for operators to physically separate the documents during mail opening or scanning.  The software also can perform data recognition on the check skirt for transaction balancing.  This feature augments the effectiveness of Creditron’s rubberbanding function which allows dynamic capture of list information from check skirts and full page documents, significantly reducing keying required for these transactions.  ItemAge Express and Creditron’s hosted ECP solution can digitally archive checks and check skirts for research purposes.  As a result, remittance and lockbox processors that frequently receive checks attached to check skirts can now accelerate receivables posting and enhance customer service. 

“ItemAge Express is the most productive payments processing solution of its kind and is particularly useful for organizations like insurers that process business-to-business transactions,” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel.  “Supporting electronic check and check skirt separation adds significant value for our customers and further differentiates Creditron from our competitors.”

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