Appway Supports Swiss Re to Better Orchestrate their Business Processes for Increased Transparency and Efficiency

Zurich - 25 February 2014

The reinsurer Swiss Re uses Appway’s collaborative BPM Platform to gain more transparency and efficiency in their business processes, better utilize distributed knowledge and increase productivity with the workplace of the future.

Reinsurers such as Swiss Re analyze comprehensive datasets and calculate the damage potential of major events with the use of complex models in order to hedge the risks of direct insurance companies. At Swiss Re, engineers and scientists from different disciplines all over the world work collaboratively with a highly developed system landscape that consists of sophisticated expert applications. To increase the transparency and efficiency of business processes, structure the exchange of knowledge among employees and improve service quality by means of faster and more competent answers to clients, Swiss Re relies on the collaborative BPM-Platform from Appway.

More Transparency and Efficiency Thanks to Orchestrated Processes 

The applications of Swiss Re are optimized for specific functions, but the associated expertise is not interlinked. This past January, Swiss Re launched a BPM initiative and orchestrated their complex system landscape among all competence centers with Appway. At the push of a button, the Property & Casualty division of Swiss Re now gains a detailed overview of all sales and contract negotiation processes integrating all applications. It allows capacity bottlenecks to be identified and removed quickly and work to be distributed more evenly and efficiently across the globe. This leads to a shorter response time for customer inquiries and greater customer satisfaction. Experts now have more free time to focus on additional projects and strategic growth, tasks for which no resources were previously available.

René Turra, Head Property & Casualty IT is confident about the Appway BPM Platform: “Appway significantly increased productivity in the sales department. By streamlining processes, we will be able to answer customer queries much more efficiently and faster, and the modern user interface and collaborative features offer our employees a seamless user experience. In addition, the management dashboards allow us to obtain full transparency of the operations at the press of a button.”

Enhanced Productivity with Collective Intelligence 

The collaborative BPM Platform from Appway features a seamlessly integrated discussion stream and a live chat. This allows the company to easily identify experts among all Swiss Re locations and to collaborate on a particular process on a specific case. For complex cases in which the course of the process cannot be identified in advance and different expertises are needed, the relevant next steps can be definied collectively depending on the context. Afterwards, the complete chain of decisions, process steps, participants and documents involved for a specific case can be retraced, serving as a model for similar cases.

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