New Features after First System Update 2014 – EMIR Is a Key Topic

Ettenheim, Germany - 11 February 2014

With the first update of the year in mid-February, BELLIN customers receive numerous new functionalities for their
tm5 system. The company pursues a strategy of continuous development with a focus on implementing market
trends and regulatory requirements. In addition to ongoing tm5 system adjustments, this update integrates new
functionality for EMIR reporting, corporate payments and trade finance.

EMIR Reporting Directly from tm5

BELLIN has already integrated all related reporting and information functionality into the standard tm5 solution in
time for 12 February 2014, when the reporting obligations introduced by EMIR will take effect. The system
automatically generates reports according to the ESMA requirements. Using a direct connection to the REGIS-TR
trade repository, customers can transfer this data directly and at significantly lower rates than if they maintain
their own trade repository account. “This makes us the first treasury management system provider to offer a
complete solution for mandatory EMIR reporting,” says Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of BELLIN.
“We have hosted webinars to inform and train our customers affected by the regulations, and most of them are
relaxed with regard to EMIR.”

Enhanced Contract Management Solutions

With the current update, the system also offers extended contract management functionality. The BELLIN Matching
Service is now available in the standard system for all customers. With this service, customers can enter and
submit their deal data to the bank electronically and receive the appropriate confirmation in return. Thus, timely
electronic status reports indicating that the transaction data matches become available in the system. “This is
another important component which makes meeting the EMIR requirements as comfortable as possible,” explains
Martin Bellin.

Electronic Data Exchange for Trade Finance

This integrated solution is also supported by the direct connection to SWIFT that has been available in the standard
tm5 application for quite some time. An increasing number of customers use the BELLIN SWIFT Service. The trend
is to no longer use SWIFT merely as an efficient solution for global payments but also as a network increasingly
relevant for trade finance transactions. “In addition to transmitting data for trade finance transactions via EBICS,
our customers have all functionality they need for structured communication via SWIFT. This opens up a whole new
dimension for global banking,” says Martin Bellin.

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