Foreign shares: SIX Swiss Exchange offers best prices

Zurich - 15 December 2014

Spot check shows: to trade foreign shares, the Sponsored Foreign Shares segment ofSIX Swiss Exchange offers the most attractive conditions.

The independent financial magazine K-Geld recently examined the costs that investors in Switzerland have to bear when buying and selling foreign shares. The article "Facebook & Co günstiger handeln"  ("Trading Facebook & Co more cheaply", available in German) revealed that SIX Swiss Exchange offers users of e-banking solutions the best prices.

New trading segment "Sponsored Foreign Shares"

The sampling was triggered by the launch of the Sponsored Foreign Shares segment by SIX Swiss Exchange at the beginning of November 2014. The segment contains more than 500 international securities from 26 different countries, including some of the most highly capitalized companies in the world such as Apple and Google as well as some of the currently most noticed companies like Facebook and Alibaba.

Fee comparison: the scores are tallied at the end

K-Geld compared the fees arising for investors who would like to trade shares of Facebook. Besides the new segment ofSIX Swiss Exchange, other options are the Berne exchange and Nasdaq as the primary exchange. Eleven banks have been asked to specify the fees that would apply to buy shares for CHF 10'000.

In all cases where the segment is available in the respective e-banking system, trading via SIX Swiss Exchange resulted in the lowest fees. On average, it proved to be almost 30% cheaper than choosing the other venues. Although the primary exchange offers better buy and sell prices, higher brokerage fees for trading on foreign exchanges as well as currency conversion fees make trading the securities in Swiss franc on the Swiss exchange the most attractive option for investors in Switzerland.

The whole world on one exchange

Further information about the segment, its advantages like liquidity and fair pricing as well as the list of all securities admitted to trading is available on our website.

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