Azul Systems Launches New Release of Open Source jHiccup

London and Sunnyvale, CA - 29 October 2013

System Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool Provides Quick Picture of Java Applications as They Run in Production and Test Environments

Azul Systems, Inc. (Azul), the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability, today announced that a new version of its free and open source jHiccup tool has been released, with sources available on GitHub. Developed by Azul CTO Gil Tene, jHiccup provides insight into an application's platform-level latency and operating characteristics, including the ability in the new release to monitor such behavior of an existing live application without restarting the application.

Unique in the industry, jHiccup collects data on any Java application's platform-level latency in production or in testing with absolutely no impact on the running application. The system then generates "Hiccup Charts" that cover the entire test interval. With jHiccup, development, test, and operations teams can chart system performance and easily display platform behavior and disruptions plotted against predefined service level agreement (SLA) targets.

"jHiccup is an invaluable tool that precisely plots latency across the entire percentile range – highlighting the existence of platform-level problems that negatively impact performance in Java applications," said Azul CTO Gil Tene. "Armed with this information, organizations are better prepared to highlight issues and evaluate solutions that can help them meet the performance standards mandated by their customers and end-users."

jHiccup can be used to diagnose operating system-level issues as well as runtime performance within a Java Virtual Machine (JVM.) In some cases, jHiccup results also can help identify non-application-related system performance artifacts induced by virtualization, swapping or power management – artifacts that can be overlooked when troubleshooting essential business systems.

The latest version of the jHiccup binaries is available for download from the Azul Systems website.

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