Xenomorph accelerates analysis with S&P Capital IQ enterprise data solutions

New York - 21 October 2013

Arrangement with S&P Capital IQ aimed at speeding the development of trading strategies and providing more efficient management of complex data

Xenomorph, the analytics and data management solutions provider to global financial institutions, has built a connector between its TimeScape platform, and S&P Capital IQ’s enterprise data solutions including Fundamentals, Valuations, Reference Data and Cross Referencing Services. The connector provides rich company data and information, including ownership, financials, company transactions, estimates, credit ratings and research, valuations and pricing, global terms and conditions, and corporate actions. Xenomorph clients will be able to integrate S&P Capital IQ’s content into their platforms and business operations faster and more efficiently than before.

“As a result of this agreement, we are delighted to provide business users with an easy-to-use platform to manage and analyse market and reference data and analytics, as well as company fundamentals,” said Brian Sentance, CEO of Xenomorph. “The benefits to end users are tangible, including spending less time on validating data and more time spent on developing trading strategies; switching with ease between and among asset classes, and integrating complex data and products into core systems within minutes.”

“This agreement allows easier assimilation into the client’s internal systems by commingling various S&P Capital IQ data content sets into one unified framework,” said Rui Carvalho, Managing Director of S&P Capital IQ Enterprise Solutions. “Clients can now spend less time on integrating and validating data and focus on extracting value more efficiently.”

Carvalho added that Enterprise Data Management is a major concern for many companies as it impacts costs and efficiencies. If data integrity is questionable, performance measurements can be biased with respect to such variables as precision, client service, compliance, and reputation, according to Mr. Carvalho.

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