Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Addresses Realities of Consumer Preference with New Functionality in Electronic Signature and Delivery System

Waltham, Ma - 3 June 2013

SDX Platform Enables Print and Tracking when Electronic Messages are Ignored

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced today that it has integrated new functionality into its SDX Secure Document Exchange platform to help meet the needs of populations that are not prepared for full electronic delivery of legal documents. The fully-integrated, cloud-based electronic delivery and signature solution now accommodates tighter controls for ignored or rejected electronic messages. The system, available to the U.S. insurance market, is intended to eliminate the risk of incomplete, incorrect or misplaced documents, and risks associated with non-secure communication models like email and fax.

With the new functionality, if a recipient doesn’t respond to a given electronic communication and it expires, they reject the communication, or they fail to consent to sign or receive the document electronically, the system will automatically send the document to be printed and mailed to the recipient through traditional fulfillment and distribution methods. SDX also has a “direct to paper” option, where the document can be sent to paper fulfillment directly within the secure SDX environment.

“While the insurance industry is largely moving to electronic delivery and signature platform standards, systems that provide an “all or nothing” solution can create additional challenges for tracking, reporting and maintaining a clean audit trail,” said Pam Ewing, general manager of Insurance Compliance Solutions at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. “With this new functionality, SDX now meets the preferences of all end customers – from millenials who want everything paperless, to other customers who may still require paper delivery.”

Now insurance carriers can benefit from using SDX for every type of transaction, whether electronic or paper, because when transactions originate in the SDX’s secure environment regardless of what happens during the electronic or paper lifecycle they will maintain greater controls and records. That means all cases can be tracked in the same way, they can still follow the full audit trail and report on the transaction, know exactly when it was received, consented, and signed, or rejected and sent to paper.

SDX also provides the ability to configure secure two-way communication between the sender and recipient, meeting the regulatory requirements for the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), while offering a complete, real-time audit trail and tracking capabilities for each transaction.

Since introducing the SDX platform into the US insurance marketplace over a year ago, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services has acquired iSentry, a U.K.-based provider of secure electronic data storage, delivery and e-signature solutions. This has helped Wolters Kluwer Financial Services strengthen its ability to serve existing markets and expand SDX into mobile applications, other financial services areas, additional industries and new geographies outside of the U.S.

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