JACCOO launches: “format conversion service”

26 June 2013

From a SEPA MT940 of ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank to VerwInfo

With the SEPA deadline, on February 1, 2014, many things will change. When you want to perform a SEPA credit transfer or SEPA direct debit, the content in the fields of the existing MT940 format change.

This change results in the fact that the VerwInfo reporting expires when Equens can’t process domestic’s payments anymore. You will receive all the information directly from the bank in the MT940 reporting.

JACCOO offers a standard format conversion service so you can still receive the VerwInfo in the form you expect. With this conversion service of JACCOO you can continue to receive account information.

How does the format conversion service work?
As a corporate you can deliver the account information directly by the bank to JACCOO. A second option is that the bank send the information to your corporate and then you send the information to JACCOO. The format conversion service of JACCOO processes the information and ensures that it fits your current administration system. The information is processed immediately. So you can always view your up to date payment information.

At this moment we can convert any format send by ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank.

  • Solution for payment information exchange between banks and corporates
  • Each bank statement format is converted into VerwInfo
  • Corporate receives daily statement in desired format
  • Support SEPA migration
  • Easy integration with current administration system
  • Quick implementation
  • Completely safe

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