To Boost Mobile Banking Adoption, Engage Branch and Call Center Staff Says Fiserv White Paper

Brookfield, WI - 25 June 2013

Paper outlines strategies to train, equip and incent frontline staff to drive adoption

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, has published a new white paper that explains how financial institutions can boost mobile banking adoption by utilizing frontline staff at branches and call centers as mobile banking experts.

By taking advantage of the referral power of frontline staff, financial institutions can actively drive mobile banking adoption above the typical 15 to 20 percent rate expected among online banking customers. The majority of consumers still lack knowledge about mobile banking and the benefits it offers. Frontline staff can serve as an influential source of information about mobile banking to build awareness of benefits and educate customers on how to get started using the service.

By equipping frontline staff with the right tools and resources, financial institutions can ensure efforts to drive mobile adoption are successful. A comprehensive “Strategies for Success” program should incorporate:

  • Employee Training – Design training programs to educate staff on mobile banking value and steps for online and offline enrollment.
  • Employee Incentives – Increase staff engagement by providing incentives, such as opportunities for prizes, for promoting and enrolling customers in mobile banking.
  • Consumer Marketing and Promotional Materials – Impactful tools and resources, such as staff talking points, consumer takeaways and in-branch collateral, will effectively aid in the promotion of mobile banking.
  • Metrics to Evaluate Success and Impact– Establishing then measuring success metrics, such as percentage of active uses and mobile transaction volume, enables financial institutions to note growth and areas where adoption is lagging to best focus marketing campaigns.
  • Ongoing Engagement with Users – Continued engagement enables frontline staff to remind mobile banking users of the benefits and value of mobile banking, which could lead to increased usage and convenience for customers.

“Mobile banking can provide a positive return on investment for financial institutions, as use of the service can drive incremental transaction volume and shift transactions away from higher cost channels, while also improving customer satisfaction,” said Erich Litch, division president, Digital Channels, Fiserv. “Branch and call center staff are a tremendous asset that financial institutions have at their disposal, and utilizing them to promote adoption and use of strategic services such as mobile banking can be highly effective.”

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