EU considering using large savers to bail out failed banks in the future

21 June 2013

The European Union (EU) could create a new set of rules today (21 June) that will see large savers lose out when banks fail.

It is a sensitive reform that does not have all member states on board. The EU is trying to find a way to close banks that fail without burdening the taxpayer.

Several nations have received bail-outs as a result of failed banks, including Ireland, which nearly became bankrupt after struggling to manage the crisis with taxpayer money alone.

A senior EU official said: "The costs of future restructurings can't be wished away. We need a mechanism to shift the burden away from taxpayers."

Finance ministers will meet in Luxembourg to discuss a new set of guidelines for the future, although France and Germany are divided over how strict they should be. The French government is concerned that imposing losses on depositors could prompt a bank run, damaging the country in question considerably.

By Claire Archer

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