UnRisk 7 is Released

17 June 2013

UnRisk takes UnRisk 7 to financial institutions quants and risk professionals.

UnRisk-Q and UnRisk PRICING ENGINE, now at version 7, extend UnRisk's vast variety of deal types, contract features and models with new deal types of inflation and credit, eminently practical instrument feature calculations and much more.

Supporting now eight computational kernels in parallel, even a single UnRisk seat performs thousands of valuations in a coffee break.

UnRisk 7 is the 20th major release in 11 years.

Quantsourcing - Risk Management Solution and Development In-One

With UnRisk-Q we have unleashed the programming power behind UnRisk. It is the culmination of the co-development of the numerically optimized pricing and calibrations engines, now on version 7, with the UnRisk FACTORY solutions.

Quantsoucing? The combination of Unrisk-Q and UnRisk FACTORY products enables risk professionals and quants to establish advanced, individual risk management processes atop a bank-proof solution.

You may set up scheduled tasks that organize and actualize market data, perform all required VaR calculations and stress tests, aggregate results and put them in insightful reports automatically - not so few UnRisk customers manage risk, while they are sleeping.

Quantsourcing is our brand promise - provide quant work for smaller financial institutions and provide quants with our tools to do exactly this..

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