TMX Atrium support migration of TOM (The Order Machine)

London - 10 June 2013

TMX AtriumÔ, provider of smarter infrastructure solutions for the financial community, today announced that The Order Machine (TOM) has migrated from its previous trading location in Stockholm to TMX Atrium’s new facilities in London. From multiple trading sites, clients can now access TOM at its new production and back-up sites.

TOM is a best execution specialist platform for the retail community. TOM joined the TMX Atrium community in 2011, since when, the number of clients connected, has continued to grow.

TMX Atrium provides secure connectivity from the TOM multi-lateral trading facility (MTF) matching engine in Stockholm to TOM’s data centre facilities in Amsterdam and brought clients across from Europe to the MTF facility. TOM’s recent migration has seen the firm’s matching engine move from Stockholm to a new production site at London 4 (LD4) and a disaster recovery site at London Interxion.

Existing members of TOM avoided the challenges associated with venue migration, through the use of TMX Atrium’s flexible connectivity infrastructure. As venue migrations continue across Europe and North America, TMX Atrium helps firms reduce the complexity of access by providing a simple point of connectivity onto the financial services marketplace, providing opportunities for trading across multi-asset class venues. During the migration, TMX Atrium’s infrastructure enabled clients to benefit from the opportunity to access and test feeds ahead of TOM’s physical move.

Emmanuel Carjat, Managing Director of TMX Atrium, said, “We have been delighted to see the growth of clients connecting to TOM over the last two years in our capacity as a preferred connectivity supplier. Throughout 2013, we will continue to support a number of key venue migrations within the financial services community. Our ability to provide connectivity to current and proposed venues, gives participants the opportunity to test and validate production and back-up feeds and offers the opportunity to set up real-time scenarios to help customers eliminate any disruption on venue migration dates.”

Willem Meijer, Chief Executive Officer of TOM, added, “We are pleased that our venue migration went seamlessly and that we can benefit from exposure to additional TMX Atrium community members from our new locations. TOM has now established a substantial market share of 24% in equity and index options trading in the Dutch market and our on-going tie-up with TMX Atrium accelerates our reach into their significant London-based trading community. This ensures that TOM is accessed by a wider global audience and helps us to meet our 2013 target market share of 30-40%.”

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