TechRules launches T-Advisor, an innovative solution for private investors and financial entities

19 July 2013

T-Advisor includes advanced features that allow beginners and also experts to invest in an easy and professional way

Due to its easy-to-use platform and powerful portfolio analytics, TechRules is the first choice to those who want to manage their investments with success

Combining its wide experience of over 25 years in the financial advice with its cutting-edge investment solutions for private investors and financial entities, TechRules launches a new solution, T-Advisor.

Anyone who uses T-Advisor can get the performance of their portfolios and stay on track towards achieving their goals, taking at the same time the best investment decisions by means of optimal analysis tools.

Following your portfolio’s performance on a regular basis is key to ensure that you’re on track for reaching your investment goals. Using My Portfolio, you can evaluate your portfolio’s rate of return and compare their performance against various benchmarks.

Also aware of the importance of mobility, T-Advisor is available for tablets and mobile (iOs and android). You will be able to monitor and mitigate the risk of each portfolios, monitor valuations, profitability, volatility, etc. and get 100% investment proposals tailored to each risk profile.

On the other hand, TechRules implemented new technologies and social networks, its site includes the possibility of sharing and retweet the investment opportunities as well as the performance of a specific asset.

You can access to the following features:

• Assess and compare the rate of return for your portfolio
• Pre-built charts and configurable dashboards
• Sophisticated portfolio risk analytics. Value at Risk (VaR), beta, correlation, and more
• Automated diagnosis of your portfolio
• Automated and easily customizable alerts
• Advanced functionalities: charting, optimizer, my list of assets, portfolio aggregator, and so many others.

"For over 20 years we have been developing solutions to help major international financial institutions succeed in managing client portfolios. That’s why we wanted to create a platform where others can see their benefits quickly and intuitively, at the same time to make possible that private investors can get benefits of this sophisticated technology. From now, thanks to T-Advisor anyone can invest efficiently and with confidence, measuring the risk of your portfolio choosing the best options on the market ", says Jaime Bolivar, Managing Director of TechRules.

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