Flux Offers Java 7 Support for Older Versions of Its File Orchestration Solutions for Banking and Finance

Las Vegas, NV - 26 February 2013

New service offering allows Flux customers to upgrade their Java application portfolio to Java 7, where required by corporate policy or other mandate, without upgrading their versions of Flux.

Today, Flux announced a new service offering that allows existing Flux customers to upgrade their Java application portfolio to Java 7, minimally impacting their existing Flux installations and configurations.

Oracle announced its end-of-life policy for Java 6 in February 2011. The last public update for Java 6 is being released in February 2013. This means that, for Flux customers, Oracle will stop patching Java 6 for security vulnerabilities unless an organization has an enterprise support plan with Oracle for Java support.

For those Flux customers who must run an older version of Flux on Java 7, for whatever reason, Flux now offers an annual subscription service for this support. For this support, Flux will update, verify, and support the proper functioning of an older version of Flux that a customer selects, including successor releases of that version, on Java 7.

"Due to security vulnerabilities identified in Java 6, many organizations are requiring their Java applications migrate to Java 7. However, few software development teams have time and resources to upgrade their Flux installations. This new Java 7 Support Service makes it easy to stay in compliance with corporate mandates, even in the face of shortages concerning development resources and timelines," said Ron Schultz, Flux Solution Architect.

Today, Flux also announced two other service offerings targeted at increasing the efficiencies Flux's customer base:

  • AFTER HOURS 24x7 PRODUCTION DOWN SERVICE: Designed to provide an extra level of technical support when production systems go down, especially during critical overnight and weekend hours.
  • UPGRADING TO FLUX 7.11 or 8.0: Long-time Flux customers who have been running older versions of Flux for many years are faced with the need to upgrade their Flux installations, usually to Flux 7.11 or 8.0. Using best practices developed over the last 12 years, Flux engineers can upgrade older Flux installations quickly.

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