Demica releases new demos for receivables securitization, supply chain finance and invoice discounting

London - 26 February 2013

Demica, the receivables-based finance solutions specialist, has made three new online demos on its website. The three demos walk visitors through Citadel ASP (trade receivables securitization platform), Citadel SCF (supply chain finance platform) and Citadel ID (invoice discounting platform).


Demica's web-based Citadel platform is a real-time reporting solution designed to monitor and report on invoice based transactions for a diverse range of multi-national clients. It is considered to be one of the most trusted and proven independent reporting solutions in the marketplace.

Citadel ASP for trade receivables transactions

Citadel ASP has the functionality to monitor and report on the substantial volumes of trade receivables information required to facilitate successful securitization transactions. The platform offers the ability to track individual invoices across multiple sales ledgers, facilitating client reporting to rating agency standard, with minimal disruption to local operating companies. The Citadel ASP solution supports the consolidation of trade receivables data from multiple operating companies into a single database, applying highly automated tools and workflow processes to consolidate, monitor and report on the data. What differentiates Citadel ASP is the level of control, flexibility and visibility it offers clients, through its comprehensive working capital management drill-down capability.

Citadel SCF for supply chain finance solutions

Citadel SCF enables any or all of the parties in a supply chain financing solution: the lender, the buyer and its suppliers, to track invoices, their performance and the funding in a consistent format; and offers suppliers and lenders the option to select eligible invoices for funding. Supply chain invoice data is collected and displayed through Citadel SCF according to the terms of the facility and instructions for settlement of funding for the selected invoices will be agreed and executed on line.

Citadel ID for invoice discounting solutions

Citadel ID is an innovative risk management solution that offers providers of Invoice Discounting solutions the ability to access invoice-level control for all related transactions – driving overall business performance. The Citadel ID solution enables clients to generate additional revenue through business expansion; increase operational efficiencies, generating significant cost savings; and introduce greater risk management capability.

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