Convergence consulting LLC and Optial announce outstanding success of their two year collaboration in providing country health & safety legal registers

London - 13 August 2013

Convergence and Optial announced today that customer response and sales of their joint offering of Country Health & Safety Legal Registers has surpassed expectations.

In 2010 convergence and Optial partnered to provide an information portal to deliver country specific Health and Safety (H&S) legal requirements tailored for office and retail operations of multinational companies. The offering has grown from 15 Country Registers to over 50 in two years. Country Legal Registers are sold through a consortium model; meaning a group of companies chose to associate to achieve common objectives and consortium model pricing can be kept low while the library of countries and legislation expands. Consortium membership has increased to 11 multinationals (including Eli Lilly, Apple and Qualcomm), and continues to grow.

Optial provides the powerful and flexible software platform from which the Country H&S Legal Registers are delivered in their national language as well as English, and can be searched, reported and managed on line. At a recent Consortium Users Conference a new system functionality that provides a chronological view of legal register updates Was very well received. This unique feature along with the applicability analysis that allows the system to automatically build a site specific legal register sets the Optial platform apart.

Companies that face H&S legal challenges found the Country Registers as their compliance solution. Client research had identified these challenges to include:

• How do you identify and attain the applicable HS regulations and laws in a country?
• How do you understand the laws and regulations when they are written in a foreign language?
• How do you keep your worldwide operations routinely informed of regulatory changes that affect them and in their language and with cultural sensitivity?
• How can you trust the accuracy and completeness of a regulatory support tool when you are unfamiliar with the country legislation or the language?
• How can you stretch your budget to inform all of your worldwide office or retail operations of the legal requirements that apply to them?
• How do you reduce the risks to employees in your office or retail operations, and risk to brand?

The success of the convergence / Optial collaboration and the rapid uptake of the Country Legal Register offering set the stage for the launch of its newest compliance tool – EHS Audit Protocol for Offices and Retail Operations – due out this Autumn.

Cynthia Chiles, President and founder of convergence consulting LLC said “We are delighted with the rapid growth in consortium membership and Country Legal Register sales over the last two years. I attribute our success to the quality of and care taken over the legislative data contained within our Legal Registers and the powerful yet simple functionality the Optial platform provides the Users.”

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