Panini Announces Next Steps in Company Transformation

Torino, Italy - 17 September 2012

Key Elements Include Completion of Major Initiatives, Launch of Product Business Unit, Global Organization Alignment, and Solution Portfolio Achievements

Panini, a global payments solution provider, has launched several major initiatives to accelerate growth and leverage its market position as the world’s leading provider of check truncation solutions. The company has experienced exponential growth and plans to extend this trajectory via a coordinated set of strategic activities.

“With the support of our customers and partners, we have achieved significant milestones over the past three years,” notes Panini CEO Nicola Aliperti. “We have grown our global market share, implemented a single IT systems platform across the company, enhanced our rigorous quality systems, and added tremendous talent to our team. Our foundation of organizational and financial strength provides the perfect moment to take the additional actions needed to sustain and grow our company.”

Panini has launched a new Product Business Unit to be led by Marisa Campagnoli, an experienced technology and solutions professional who held successful roles at Hewlett Packard and has a track record of achievement during her four years at Panini. The Product BU will help accelerate Panini’s transformation from hardware manufacturer to solutions provider by facilitating market sensing and solution commercialization activities in close collaboration with Sales, Marketing, and R&D. Marisa will report directly to Panini’s CEO, Nicola Aliperti.
In addition, the company has more closely aligned organizational resources to facilitate streamlined collaboration and fluid exchange of ideas, information, and insights throughout the company’s global team. “We must continue to realize our goal of a lean, flexible, and fast organization capable of responding rapidly to market opportunities” notes Aliperti. As part of this alignment, the position of President at Panini’s North American subsidiary will no longer exist, and Doug Roberts, who has served in this role, will be leaving Panini. “We are grateful to Doug for his leadership and contributions, and wish him the very best” states Aliperti. Panini’s North American Management Team will be led by CEO Nicola Aliperti.

Finally, the company is set to deliver new milestones from its “Continuous Innovation” strategic initiative. Panini marked major steps towards moving into a solutions provider role in the payments space with the release of the Panini Vision X® Multi-Function System(MFS) for teller automation, Panini wI:Deal™ for the co-capture of checks and related documents, the creation of an extensive range of services & support capabilities, and the release of Panini Avantor™ for device asset management, performance optimization and security. According to Aliperti, “We are now readying the next major achievements from our Continuous Innovation initiative. We will leverage our core competencies and innovations of the past while taking major strides towards a leadership role in the digitization of payments and their related documents and transactions.” The company is expected to announce new product and solution capabilities in the near future.
Aliperti comments, “Our customers, partners, shareholders and employees have placed their trust and confidence in Panini. We will value this position by taking the necessary steps to continue our growth and strategic transformation.”

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