ObjectWay illustrates its vision for the banking sector and introduces the new Apps for Mobile Internet Banking “Qui UBI”, designed and developed for the Italian Banking Group UBI Banca

Milan - 3 October 2012

Objectway Group, the Italian leader and fast-growing European innovative software solutions provider for the financial and business sectors, illustrates its vision and strategies for the banking sector with a focus on recent developments in mobile technology.

Today ObjectWay presents its recent experience in developing innovative mobile device -based services with leading Financial Institutions in an integrated multichannel environment.

Luigi Marciano, founder and President of ObjectWay, highlights two of the most recent challenges for the banking sector:

• focus on client relationship management, supported by efficient systems/tools for Wealth Portfolio Management systems
• client mobile access (through a variety of mobile devices) in the context of a multichannel client management approach

The innovation of mobile technology applications can offer effective answers to both challenges, as highlighted by high-impact projects recently completed with major industry players, as Barclay’s and CNP.

More specifically, a sharper focus on clients coupled with effective innovative investment and financial products portfolio management tools, can be achieved by adopting specific “vertical” solutions developed by ObjectWay.

Online access to personal financial information through mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets) is currently the other trend all banks are increasingly confronted with.

Thanks to the cutting edge Apps developed by ObjectWay, the Italian Banking Group UBI Banca has launched a new release of Mobile Internet Banking “Qui UBI” on Apple Store at the end of July.
This Apps enables clients to access the banking system to retrieve information and execute transactions, including trading on line, using mobile personal devices as the Iphone and the Ipad.

The new Apps have been designed and developed as a result of a joint effort between ObjectWay and UBI Sistemi e Servizi, the operation division of UBI Banca Group, and the UBI Banca Canali Diretti team.

ObjectWay has used its consolidated experience and know-how in Digital & User Design to redesign the device-specific mobile workflows which are consistent with the approach already used to design web access.

The shared aim with UBI Banca team was to find the right balance between service innovation, ease of use and the operational system integration context, thanks to ObjectWay’s System Integrator and Technology expertise.

Mobile applications are therefore driving an increasing request from the banking sector for strategic targeted comprehensive application solutions based on a full architectural operating and systems integration .

ObjectWay has already integrated the full set of Mobile Banking applications and functionality on its own platforms; several innovative projects on mobile access have been implemented focused on improving the overrall client relationship management process, both at the bank/ financial advisors and at the financial advisors/ clients interface level, as highlighted in the solutions implemented by Simgenia, Anima Sgr and UBI Banca.

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