QlikView for iOS Offers Best-of-Both-Worlds Solution for Online and Offline Mobile Access

23 October 2012

New iPad app extends QlikView on Mobile capabilities

QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced it is expanding QlikView on Mobile capabilities, launching a new iOS app that offers a best-of-both-worlds solution for online and offline mobile access. QlikView for iOS, currently available for the iPad in the Apple App Store offers an offline capability that compliments QlikView on Mobile browser-based access. Developed in conjunction with a top five global pharmaceutical QlikView customer, the app provides a native Accesspoint portal experience while leveraging QlikView’s HTML5 based capabilities for analytics applications. Users get all the power and flexibility of QlikView Business Discovery when connected, and a new disconnected mode for offline access. The app is a free download and works with any QlikView 11 server license at no additional cost.

The Full Power of QlikView When Online

When connected, QlikView apps operate against live data and provide a fully interactive Business Discovery experience. This includes The Associative Experience, global search, dynamic data visualization, and collaboration. QlikView server powers the experience by filtering data, managing associations, and performing on-the-fly calculations. The result is a unique combination of flexibility and power that delivers answers to the unpredictable questions that arise in mobile environments.

Flexible, User-Defined Offline Views

In addition to full Business Discovery when connected, QlikView for iOS provides a new disconnected mode on the iPad that delivers offline views. Users define the information they want to take offline through a combination of QlikView bookmarks and dimensions. QlikView server then generates a series of application ‘slices’, which are encrypted and downloaded to the iPad. When disconnected, users are able to launch QlikView apps, browse through all the tabs and objects, and select combinations of available bookmarks and dimension values, through a native interface. Because users themselves can create the bookmarks to take offline, reliance on report writers to predict user needs is virtually eliminated.

Consistent User Experience

QlikView for iOS delivers an enhanced set of features that complement and extend QlikTech’s overall HTML5 strategy on mobile. Now, organizations can choose between deploying QlikView in Mobile Safari or taking advantage of the new QlikView for iOS app. Regardless of which client is used, QlikView apps retain the same look and feel across platforms and now even connection states. In addition, QlikView Server continues to offer the centralized security and manageability demanded by world class IT organizations. With QlikView for iOS, there is no tradeoff between disconnected functionality and Business Discovery – organizations get both.

“There are many mobile BI tools on the market, and more are on the way. Many of these products are marketed based on one key attribute: they look great,” said Jeff Boehm, vice president of global product marketing at QlikTech. “But it’s important to consider the real value that can be unlocked through mobile BI for both business groups and IT departments. Helping real people solve real problems requires more than just great looking reports. With QlikView, Business Discovery is visually appealing but also dynamic to encourage out-of-the-report thinking wherever you may be.”

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