QlikTech and Teradata Partner To Deliver QlikView Direct Discovery for Big Data Analytics

Radnor, PA - 18 October 2012

Customers Gain Comprehensive Analysis from Hybrid Access to Enterprise Data Warehouse and In-Memory Data Sources

QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), and Teradata, (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data solutions company, today announced a partnership to give customers the ability to combine QlikView in-memory data with Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse via a new feature called Direct Discovery. Optimized for Teradata, the recently announced QlikView Direct Discovery eliminates the need to download large data sources into memory by allowing QlikView to directly access information in the Teradata data warehouse, displaying the results in a QlikView visualization or dashboard.

QlikView Direct Discovery for Teradata will be offered with the QlikView Version 11 upgrade available in December 2012.

With the ability to directly access a Teradata data warehouse for QlikView Direct Discovery queries, customers will gain:

  • More thorough, unified analysis. QlikView business users will have the advantage of expanding their analysis to data within a Teradata data warehouse in addition to other data sources. Working with QlikTech and Teradata, customers will be able to optimize the environment to decide what data is used in-memory or accessed dynamically.
  • Insights into data use. With the QlikView Governance Dashboard, IT can see what data in a QlikView app are most frequently used, whether stored in Teradata or in another source. This analysis can be used to help IT develop a migration path for new Enterprise Data Warehouse data, where it can be used by other corporate applications and get the benefit of Teradata’s underlying security, manageability and performance.
  • Speed and ease of use. Easy to implement, rapid app development of the QlikView associative data experience is now available to Teradata customers.

Said Wayne Boyle, vice president of strategy, Teradata Labs, “Through easy to use enterprise class applications like QlikView, more business users can take advantage of the data that is managed in the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse to gain insights for better decisions.”

By using Teradata’s highly scalable architecture to access large data sets for business discovery, users gain high performance access without complicated data extracts or data silos. They maintain all the associative search options of QlikView and the ability to explore information freely without being confined to a limited data set or a defined path of questions. Further, insights from Teradata warehouses can be deployed in a QlikView mobile environment or with a social and collaborative experience.

“We’ve seen great customer demand to leverage their valuable Teradata big data sets in the familiar visual interface of a QlikView app,” said Anthony Deighton, chief technology officer at QlikTech. “As the data analytics market leader, Teradata is a natural fit for our enterprise customers who want to make use of big data with volume, velocity and variety. We are thrilled to offer complex analytics displayed in a way that is simple to deploy and fun to query.”

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