CCH and CCH Small Firm Services Report Record E-filing Tax Season Transmitting More Than 36 Million Returns

Riverwoods, IL - 30 May 2012

More electronically filed tax returns were processed this tax season by CCH electronic filing platforms than ever before. Those e-filing platforms, which electronically transmit returns generated by CCH’s ProSystem fx® Tax, and Global fx® and CCH Small Firm Services’ TaxWise® and ATXTM, transmitted more than 36 million returns to the IRS, for CCH’s strongest e-filing tax season ever. CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business (CCH) is a leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services. CCH Small Firm Services (CCH SFS) supports 45,000 small professional firms in the United States and Puerto Rico. CCH and CCH SFS are part of the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting division.

“Our overall performance during tax season was extremely strong,” said Kevin Robert, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting CEO. “The ability to handle over 36 million transmitted returns speaks volumes about CCH’s support for firms of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, with software and electronic filing services to help increase our customers’ productivity and advance their business.”

The Numbers

The latest IRS tax season filing figures show more than 111 million returns were e-filed, up 6 percent from last year. CCH’s electronic filing platforms combined transmitted more than one-third of all e-filed returns. Here’s a look at the numbers: 12.3 million total returns were transmitted via CCH solutions, including 7.1 million federal and 5.2 million state returns. And 24.1 million total returns were transmitted via CCH SFS solutions, including 13.1 million federal, 9.9 million state and 1.1 million business returns.

Stepping Up in Crunch Time

On the last two days of the 2011 tax season, CCH’s electronic filing platforms transmitted more than one million state and federal tax returns to the IRS. CCH’s hourly volume on deadline day reached new heights for six consecutive hours, with more than 100,000 state and federal returns processed every hour. That translates to peak volume processing of more than 1,667 returns processed every minute and more than 28 returns processed every second.

“CCH’s tax solutions are unmatched in efficiency, accuracy and completeness,” said CCH President & CEO Mike Sabbatis. “Our solutions are the most comprehensive in the profession, easily processing all types of federal and state returns, and our electronic filing services help increase our customers’ productivity. This is proven by our very strong e-filing numbers for the 2011 tax season.”

Also during the last two days of tax season, CCH SFS electronic filing platforms transmitted slightly more than 800,000 tax returns. In the 48 hours before deadline, the number of e-filed returns transmitted by SFS amounted to more than 16,700 returns processed every hour and about 279 returns processed every minute.

“The volume of electronically filed tax returns is growing industry wide. We identified this trend early on and proactively updated our systems to support two e-file platforms and increased volume,” noted Jeff Gramlich, President of CCH Small Firm Services. “For us, the results have been clear. Our combination of technology and well-developed tax software enabled us to process one out of every six professionally prepared e-filed individual returns this season. We were confident our systems could handle this kind of volume, and we are very pleased that our hard work and planning paid off for us and our customers."

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