Clarabridge and Connotate Partner to Provide World-Class Online and Social Media Data Analysis

New Brunswick, NJ – 15 May 2012

Text and Sentiment Analytics to Generate Actionable Insights for Voice of the Customer Initiatives

Clarabridge, Inc., the leading provider of sentiment and text analytics for Customer Experience Management (CEM), has partnered with Connotate, Inc., the leading provider of solutions that help organizations monitor and collect data and content from the Web. This partnership will allow Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Market Research professionals to easily collect customer feedback data from niche online platforms. Clarabridge will complement and extend Connotate’s offerings, allowing companies to analyze and draw tangible insight from the feedback data, driving cross-departmental collaboration and enterprise-wide Voice of the Customer (VoC) initiatives.

Online customer reviews and social media feedback, considered unstructured data, come from disparate sources across the Internet and are difficult to comprehensively aggregate and analyze. Together, Connotate and Clarabridge arm industries with an intuitive, enterprise-grade solution that collects relevant customer feedback data from niche online sites on a large scale without picking up the noise often associated with Social Media. Topic-specific online sites may not attract millions of users but they have proven themselves as sources of reliable data where organizations can gain critical insights for Big Data and VoC initiatives in real-time to drive strategic decision-making.

“The number of online channels customers leverage to voice their opinions is growing exponentially beyond standard email and social media sites. In order to get a truly holistic understanding of customers, companies need to be able to look deeper into what customers are saying above and beyond Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites,” said Keith Cooper, CEO of Connotate. “With Connotate, companies can easily collect data from thousands of niche sources in almost any industry – ranging from pharmaceutical and online retail sites to global news outlets. Collaborating with Clarabridge extends our offerings and will allow companies to gain a truly holistic understanding of their customers.”

“The mounting importance of online reviews in consumer purchase decisions makes it more critical than ever for companies to pay close attention to issues raised by customers,” said Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge. “With this partnership, Clarabridge extends Connotate’s web-content extraction to allow customers to analyze and collaborate cross-departmentally on actionable insights generated from the customer data. We look forward to the synergies this partnership will provide for our customers and all organizations seeking to improve their reputational and operational posture.”

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