Specialist Mental Health Charity Implements New Accounting System from Eclipse Group

11 May 2012

Mental Health Concern keeps a close eye on its financial information with the latest SunSystems accounting software, supported by Eclipse Group

Mental Health Concern, a provider of specialist mental health services in the North East of England, has implemented the latest version of the Infor FMS SunSystems accounting solution from finance systems specialist Eclipse Group. Mental Health Concern, which processes between 5,000 and 10,000 invoices per year, is using SunSystems to manage all of its accounting processes, including payments to suppliers, ledger accounting for all financial accounts and sales invoicing.

Being funded by the NHS means that Mental Health Concern needs to tightly control its budgets and spending, and like many public sector organisations it is feeling the squeeze. David Belk, Finance Manager at Mental Health Concern explains, “We are predominantly funded by the NHS and local authorities so it is critical for us to be aware of our costs and the impact on the business. Working with Eclipse we are now able to access financial information quickly and easily which is very useful and enables us to make accurate business plans and predictions.”

Belk continues, “We run a lot of projects at residential care homes and each project has its own individual budget. At the end of each month we produce a financial report for the care home manager together with a set of reports for the board of trustees and our own senior managers internally. These reports are primarily budget reports but they also include profit/ loss accounts and balance sheets. Prior to using the new solution supplied by Eclipse, our old system was very clunky, meaning that it took a long time to produce these reports. However, with the new system, it links directly into our existing Vision reporting tool, making it far quicker and easier to extract the financial information we need.”

As a registered charity, Mental Health Concern has to present its accounts in compliance with SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) regulations. Belk says, “The system from Eclipse provides us with reports that are set out in accordance with the latest SORP requirements. This is a huge benefit to staff, as it saves a considerable amount of time and reduces the need to replicate work and re-key information – which is particularly valuable at year end!”

Belk adds, “The latest SunSystems software is much easier for staff to use. It is based on a Microsoft Windows operating system which means it is very user-friendly and far more intuitive. The feedback from staff that are using the system has been very positive, and it is also easy to train up new staff. It also integrates well with the other solutions that the business runs.”

Belk concludes, “We have a good relationship with Eclipse and whenever we have had to contact them the team has been very responsive, both through the help desk and in person. The consultancy services provided by Eclipse are very useful and have given us some great ideas that have proved very productive.”

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