Digipede Technologies Releases Digipede Network 3.0, Featuring Lower Latency and New Deployment Options

Lafayette, CA - 7 March 2012

New release delivers support for WCF, ClickOnce Deployment, multiple performance and interface enhancements

Leading grid software provider Digipede™ Technologies today announced general availability of version 3.0 of its award-winning grid software solution for the Microsoft Windows platform. The Digipede Network 3.0 delivers increased performance, additional
deployment options, and new compatibility with the latest Microsoft technologies.

In addition, Digipede announced new customer wins, including customers using Digipede-enabled software from Ventyx, Lockheed Martin, and Barrie & Hibbert.

“We’re pleased with the continued positive market reception for our grid computing solutions,” said John Powers, President of Digipede. "This release is both a continuation and a departure for us. In past releases, we’ve emphasized the importance of tools for developers that make grid-enabling applications easier than any other high-performance computing platform – and that continues in 3.0. But we’ve also placed more effort this time on providing additional options for deployment, to benefit IT staff at our customers. By enabling Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) throughout our system, we’ve not only improved performance – in some cases, quite significantly – but we’ve greatly expanded the deployment scenarios that can be supported for enterprise and cloud installations.”

Digipede’s most recent release features performance improvements and latency reduction throughout the system. Movement of objects from the Digipede Server to the Digipede Agent is more efficient thanks to higher performance serialization. Streaming of large messages without buffering now provides developers with new options in creating high-performance distributed applications. New UI elements like URIs for jobs and tasks give users new options for defining links to relevant folders and network shares. Additionally, customers can now use the Digipede Framework SDK to take advantage of ClickOnce Deployment for their master applications. "It’s surprising how little work is being done by other vendors to take advantage of the platform Microsoft provides to develop true high-performance distributed applications,” continues Powers. “We continue to win converts from former UNIX and Linux cluster users when they see how much easier the development and deployment experience is with the Digipede Network on Windows."

Deployment options are increasingly important to many Digipede clients. In the past year, Digipede customers have completed large-scale deployments on multiple VM platforms, on hundreds of shared desktops, and on mixed environments combining VMs, cluster nodes, and desktops. Digipede has also completed proof-of-concept deployments on with cloud services vendors including Amazon and GoGrid. “We’ve taken the lessons we’ve Digipede Launches the Digipede Network 3.0 Page 2 of 2 learned from dozens of diverse customer deployments and rolled them into this release” said Powers. “For example, we worked with one of our hedge fund customers on a major desktop refresh project as they upgraded from XP to Windows 7; during that same project, they expanded the power of their Digipede grid by nearly an order of magnitude. In another deployment, a major insurance company created a Digipede Agent image and rolled it out to hundreds of VMs. Our objective is to provide the simplest installation experience possible even as the diversity of IT environments continues to grow.”

The Digipede Network is deployed at leading enterprises worldwide to accelerate and scale a broad variety of applications. The Digipede Network 3.0 integrates with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Windows HPC Server, and other Windows Server 2008 products, allowing developers to write .NET or COM applications that take advantage of hundreds or thousands of computers. This makes powerful grid computing solutions practical, easy and affordable for Windows-based systems.

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