Global Organizations Overcome Spreadsheet Limitations with QlikView Business Discovery Platform

Radnor, PA - 29 March 2012

QlikView replaces Excel and eliminates hundreds of hours weekly in reporting; Allows customers to break free of reliance on spreadsheets by quickly deploying its easy to use, interactive solution

QlikTech, (NASDAQ: QLIK) a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), today announced that its QlikView Business Discovery platform is helping organizations around the globe overcome the limitations of spreadsheets. Today, business users need a simple but powerful way to navigate through data to find the insights needed to make timely, critical business decisions. As a result of the limitations of traditional BI tools, many business users have adopted spreadsheets due to their wide availability; however, these general productivity tools were not specifically designed to facilitate interactivity, collaboration, aggregation, or analysis of data for decision making.

Customers Say Spreadsheets Not Suited for Data Analysis and Lack Reliability

Spreadsheet performance declines when analyzing large data sets or performing real-time, dynamic calculations. They are often shared and edited by numerous parties, resulting in multiple versions of similar material. This lack of version control causes inconsistencies in analysis, an inability to audit workflows and significant data reliability challenges. Furthermore, spreadsheets lack sophisticated data security features and can cause a number of data security challenges. Consider these customer experiences:

  • Dynamex, a leading provider of same-day delivery and logistics services, has eliminated an estimated 300 to 400 hours weekly in reporting tasks. Using QlikView, the company moved from basing business reporting and analysis on summarized Excel spreadsheets to near real-time graphical data views. Information that once took up to a week to compile can be accessed with one click.

    “We chose QlikView over Oracle BIEE and SAP® Business Objects because of the great reviews from other users, its competitive pricing and the fact that QlikView is geared for business analysts instead of IT developers,” said Andrew Pardue, vice president of Information Services at Dynamex. “It’s great for my department because our business analysts can design their own applications on the fly in QlikView with little or no IT involvement.”
  • Scarborough Acute NHS Trust, a UK-based healthcare and NHS trust, wanted to connect and pull data from various information systems to easily create visual reports, charts, and tables that would not only assist day-to-day decision making but also help bring down mortality rates. QlikView was deployed through its Value Added Reseller Trustmarque.

    “Excel was pervasive within the organization but the reports became instantly out of date and were difficult to maintain,” explains Manni Imiavan, Head of Information, Directorate of Finance & Procurement. “Clinicians and senior managers now use QlikView daily to help in decision making. It provides a view of key information from all case notes and clinical reviews, can be used to drill down patient pathways, and disseminate information. As a result, clinicians are able to compile more accurate and current data on mortality ratios due to the enhanced self-service analysis and increased visibility of patient information.”
  • Dr. Loges + Co GmbH, an organic food and medicine company, was looking for a solution to replace its Excel spreadsheets for multidimensional accounting and to monitor key performance indicators in a quick and reliable way. Within two weeks of QlikView being implemented, Dr. Loges’ management team is now able to analyze nearly 30,000 entries per month.

    “With QlikView, we now have the ability to analyze our company not only by cost type, but also by the same cost carriers. We can derive those figures without the complexity and insecurity of Excel,” said Torsten Rustmann, Commercial Director at Dr. Loges + Co. GmbH.

“One of the reasons spreadsheets have remained popular is their ease of use and flexibility, allowing users to create their own analysis without waiting for IT,” said Jeff Boehm, vice president of global product marketing at QlikTech. “QlikView delivers not only the agility business users require, but also the security, manageability, and consistency lacking in desktop spreadsheets. QlikView is an achievable step up to user-driven BI, especially for small and midsize companies who are outgrowing the time and productivity drains of consolidating multiple versions of spreadsheets.”

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